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Hormone Replacement

While hormone replacement therapy (HRT) isn’t brand new, the means by which you get testosterone is going in new directions. We offer two forms of TRT: weekly Testosterone injections or bio-identical Testosterone pellets, which are, in effect, time released and completely identical to what the human body naturally produces. “The main benefits with the pellets are less commitment on the patients’ end, meaning they don’t have to do a lot to maintain the therapy and fewer side effects versus Testosterone Creams / Gels,” says James Chambers, PA of Lake Oconee Urgent Care

The objective is to optimize deficient testosterone levels to the high end of the normal range, which can be anywhere from 300-1000 nanograms per deciliter. When this process is managed appropriately, the results for the patient can be incredible. Patients usually see positive changes within four to six weeks of initiating therapy; however, all patients respond differently. Our focus is to help our patients restore energy, balance, mental focus, and libido. The Medical Providers here excel at treating Andropause. We exceed the competition because we are focused on customer service and educate clients on the process. This puts the client in the driver’s seat which allows them to help steer the course of their healthcare. Schedule an appointment today to consult with our physician experts about your symptoms.

  • Reasonable & all inclusive
  • Yielding positive results
  • Self-confidence building
  • Energizing & rejuvenating

Consultation Fee: $70 (or most major insurance plans accepted). This will include a complete and thorough session with one of our Healthcare Consultants, Low Energy / Low Libido Questionnaire Completion & Review, Introduction Labs: Total Testosterone, Estradiol level, and PSA level.

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