James ChambersPhysician Assistant

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    Background & Education

    Physician Assistant
    Class President
    University of Southern California

    Combat Medical Specialist
    United States Army

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    James Chambers, Physician Assistant is a graduate of University of Southern California Physician Assistant program, where he excelled in his class and studies by becoming Class President. Before becoming a Physician Assistant, James served proudly in the United States Army as a Combat Medical Specialist fo 3 years. James was assigned to the 173rd Headquarters Battalion-Scout Platoon at Fort Irwin, California where he fined tuned his skills as a medic and as a team player. His unit had the dubious title of “First in Last Out.” James found a passion for providing services for the underserved communities of Los Angeles, California. He utilized this passion to join the National Health Service Corp by providing medical services for the Community Health Foundation of East Los Angeles. Within this setting,James became very engaged in community oriented programs that focused on active commitment from each individual to socially participate in the enhancement of community.

    Later on James went on to leave his mark in the medical field by gaining more experience, as well as starting numerous programs that would become a contribution to the city of Atlanta. In 1996 James was recruited by the West End Medical Center and Atlanta Medical Hospital to provide a unique culturally diverse setting of medical care within identified community settings. James became an integral part of the transformation of select communities within greater Atlanta region.From this concept James founded Friendship Community Healthcare Inc, a medical practice that focused on providing Medical-House calls services for seniors and adults who were medically or physically unable to travel into an office setting. It proved to be a success, The Atlanta Housing Authority made it one of three medical facilities in Atlanta, partners within their senior High-rise Communities and Public Housing Facilities. James later became one of the founders of Progressive Community Healthcare, Inc in Atlanta, Georgia.

    James is a partner of Healing Community Center, where he continues to bring his passion as a Physician Assistant, CEO, and Creative Business Development skills to the residents of the Southwest Atlanta Community. He delivers quality Acute and Chronic illness medical services for the residents of the Lake Oconee region. In addition, he provides specialty medical care that focuses on Adult Men Medical Services, which entails a focus in Chronic illnesses, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and Yearly Well-Care Services.James understands that a medical provider must assume a leadership role in the management of a patient’s healthcare but must be willing to listen and create an effective partnership for positive outcomes in their care.

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